Showcase your work! To add a new work or project into your portfolio, click the "Add Entry" button located in the header bar on all pages and click the Start from scratch → link.

There are 4 easy steps involved in creating a new entry.

Step 1. Select an entry type. 

Step 2. Basic Info. 

Be sure to:

Include images - A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Make your work visually appealing! Adding personal photos will also provide proof of your work. You can access photos stored on your computer, on a cloud drive, on Facebook or Instagram, or us the web search to find an image that best represents your entry. Learn more about: Adding Images

Choose a category - The category is the field of study that your entry is related to. This allows it to be categorized in the entry feed.

Give your entry a title - You can edit or change the title you entered in the previous window. Note: The entry's URL will change every time you change the title. This is important if you have shared or embedded your entry online or on paper.

Describe you work in detail - This is where you explain what your entry is about. Tip: be sure to include information about the actual project/experience/event as well as a summary of what you learned throughout the process. Employers often look for candidates with the ability to analyze!

After you have completed your Basic Info, hit "Next" (bottom right corner). 

Step 3. Details & Attachments

In this section, you can:

Tag teammates: Everyone loves a team player--acknowledge the people that you worked with! Learn more about tagging teammates here.

Tag your entry: By adding #tags to your entry, employers will be able to easily locate your work. Learn more about hashtags here.

Add skills, tools and software: This is where you can list and showcase the specific skills and programs you used in your experience. Learn more about skills here.

Attach files: Prove your work by attaching any relevant materials! Include up to 5 Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or PDF files in your entry.

Embed media content: Add media from across different platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Prezi, Microsoft Sway, SoundCloud and Sketchfab.

 Step 4. Entry Settings.

In this section, you can manage your:

Entry Privacy: Set the privacy of your entries using the drop down. To showcase yourself and build a healthy online identity, we encourage you to keep your awesome work public!

There are 4 different visibility settings to choose from:

  • Everyone: anyone can view your entry
  • Portfolium Members: only signed-in members of Portfolium can view your entry
  • Only my connections: only users you are connected with can view your entry
  • Only Me: only you can view your entry (this setting is useful for drafts)


Once you have finished this final step, click on the Publish
 button (located on the bottom right hand corner). 

Congrats! Just like that, you've created an awesome entry. As soon as you hit, "Publish," you'll be directed back to your Profile.

If you wish to share your work, simply click on the icons of the platforms you wish to share to. This is a quick and easy way to help your awesome work gain more exposure.

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