A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Adding personal photos will also provide proof of your work and make your work visually appealing! You can access photos stored on your computer, on a cloud drive, on Facebook or Instagram, or us the web search to find an image that best represents your entry.

Portfolium features Filepicker, a tool that allows you to immediately access media from across the web and/or your computer.

Whenever you see the

button, you will be able to upload media from a variety of sources:

Once you have selected your media, you can edit it using the Aviary plugin:

Click the pen icon to open the Edit Window.

When you are finished making your edits, click save.

To delete a photo, click the X in the top right of the photo.

To set an image as the default, click on the image so that the Default Image label appears.

For best results: 

Profile Pictures should be at least 200px x 200px and square.

Cover Photos should be at least 1500px x 400px.

Default Images (or thumbnails) for entries work best when they are 500px x 280px. 

New Feature:

Alternative text for image

Alternative, or Alt Text is text associated with an image that serves the same purpose and conveys the same essential information as the image. When creating entries, you can use this feature to describe your images in detail to help viewers who have turned off images in their web browser or are using a screen reader due to a visual impairment. Alternative text ensures that no information or functionality is lost when viewing entries.

It is important to remember that "alt text" is not the same as a caption and is not normally visible to readers.

You can see that when I enter the Alternative text for this image as "Cover of ebook titled How to Rock Your Interview", it can be seen and read by screen readers in the code.

Learn more about Alternative image text here.

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