There are a few option when adding a document to an entry. You may want to start by learning how to create an entry.

In the Details and Attachments screen of the entry creation, you will see a section for attachments.

You can add documents as:

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF

  • You can upload Microsoft files from your computer's hard drive or from any of the following cloud drives: Google drive, DropBox or Amazon Cloud. If you select files from a cloud service such as Google Drive, they will be converted to the Microsoft equivalent. Microsoft files will need to be downloaded to be read.

When published, they will be added to your entry looking like this:

PDF Files

PDF files will open in a new browser window.

For help on creating a PDF from a doc:

Links to Cloud drive document

Another option for adding a doc to your entry is to insert the link from a cloud drive into the description of your entry. This option works well if you are still working on or making edits to your doc on a cloud drive such as google drive. Be sure to add a sharable link and make sure that you allow for sharing. For help on sharing your google drive documents

Get Creative

You can also get creative. You can see below that Andrea saved her paper as PNG images and uploaded each page as an image to her entry. She also attached the whole paper as a Word File.

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