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Why list your Skills?

Your Skills translate to Clickable Credentials, which allow employers to literally click into the Skills you've listed on your Portfolium and access actual proof of your keywords. By linking your Skills to your Portfolium entries, you are providing raw proof of your talent!

Adding Skills

To add Skills to your profile, you need to link your keywords to your entries:

1. Click on the Entry you want to add a Skill to and select the Edit button.

2. From the Edit modal, click on the Details & Attachments Tab, located at the bottom of the window.

3. Scroll down to "Which skills, tools or software did you use in this entry?" and enter any keywords you wish to include in your Entry.

4. To save your changes, click the Save & Exit button, which is located at the top right-hand side of the window.

5. You can view your changes by either selecting My Profile or View Entry.

If you select, View Entry, you'll notice that your Skills are now listed right above your Description details.

All of your Skills will be listed on the left-hand side of your profile.

Filter and Share Your Skills

You can quickly filter through your entries by clicking on a specific Skill. This is a helpful took when a recruiter asks you--for example-- to show them a concrete example of your "PHP skills."

Simply go to your Profile, locate your Skills section (located on the left-hand side), and click on a specific Skill.

From there, you will be directed to all of the entries that have been tagged with that Skill.

To send employers raw proof of a Skill as listed on your Portfolium, simply follow the steps listed above in "Filter Your Skills."

Then, copy the URL that will look like this:

For example:

See a skill with no number next to it? 

If there are skills listed on your profile that have not been added through the entry wizard, this Skill was added during onboarding, added from uploading your resume or was prepopulated by your university. Add that skill to a Portfolium entry to Prove It!

More Skills Features

1) Want to quickly add a skill to your profile? Click "ADD SKILL". You can Later prove this skills by associating it with an entry.

2) You can quickly find your skills using the search box.

3) To Edit or Delete skills, click the 3 dots to get to these options.

4) To see all skills, click SEE MORE

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