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Portfolium is comprised of:

  1. User Profiles
  2. Entries
  3. Exclusive Networks
  4. Company Pages
  5. Jobs
  6. Challenges

An Entry within a user's portfolio is made up of:

  1. Multiple Artifacts - pictures, videos, files, other embedded content
  2. A Description - Describe the process and outcomes
  3. Skills - maps entries to Skills section
  4. Tags- Hashtags
  5. Tagged Teammates - Ability to tag other Portfolium users

User’s Portfolium is made up of:

  1. Profile - A combination view of resume type information and relating portfolio entries
  2. Portfolio - all of a user's portfolio entries
  3. Skills List
  4. Resume
  5. Social Media accounts
  6. Header section
  7. Name
  8. Avatar/ Profile photo
  9. Cover photo
  10. Tagline
  11. Location
  12. Official Account Badge
  13. Personal URL/ Username- User profiles are tied to the user's username. The URL will be 

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