Enrolling in courses

Students can be provided with a special "enrollment link" (URL) for your specific course. When a student clicks this link (or visits this URL), they are automatically enrolled in this specific course. The student is notified of successful enrollment and they are directed to their Assignments Dashboard. Any existing published assignments for this specific course (and all future published assignments for this specific course) will be aded to the student's Assignment Dashboard.

Enrollment Confirmation:

Assignment Dashboard:

Assignment Notification

When new assignments are published, enrolled students receive a Portfolium notification and an email alerting them of their new assignment to work on:


Completing & Submitting Assignments

Students are provided with a clear call-to-action which allows them to review the details of the assignment, upload supporting documents, check the due date, add additional skills and and submit their work. 

Students will be directed into the Edit Assignment flow, which is identical to the Edit Entry flow they are already familiar with on Portfolium. The only difference between the two flows is that the Edit Assignment flow contains assignment data such as the Title, Category and Skills automatically populated. 

Additionally, the assignment will be private by default.

Students do have the ability to change the privacy settings as they wish.

Once finished, the student can click the Submit button. 

Students may continue to edit their assignment, as well as submit and unsubmit their assignment, up until the due date.

Students will be prompted to confirm their Submit/Unsubmit. 

If a student tries to submit an entry with no attachments, they are asked to confirm the submission or Edit the assignment. 

Scoring Assignments

When the assignment is scored, the student will see their score in the Assignment Dashboard under the Completed tab. 


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