Adding Assignments

After your LMS administrator sets up the Portfolium Integration, you will then have access to create new assignments. 

1. Logged in, go to a course.

2. Click on the “Assignments” menu

3. Add a new Assignment by clicking on the “+ Assignment” button.

The “Create New Assignment” form loads, fill out the following required settings:

  • Assignment Name
  • NOTE: Assignment Instructions should not be entered on this screen (in Canvas). They will be added within the Portfolium interface
  • Points: numerical value this assignment would be scored against
  • Submission Type - External tool
  • Click on the “Find” button from the “Enter or find an External Tool URL” section
  • Choose the “Portfolium”
  • Click on the “Save and Publish” button

Click on the “Load ‘assignment name’ in a new window” button.

Linking the Assignment to EDU Platform

When you click on an assignment in Canvas, the application sends you to the Portfolium EDU Platform. If you are new to the EDU Platform, you will be taken through the on-boarding flow to establish your account. After your account is created, you will be taken to the assignment setup page. 

The EDU Platform requires you to enter the following fields to create your assignment:

  • Instructions - This will give the student directions for the assignment.
  • Scoring Type - Set the scoring type for this assignment, there are 5 options to chose from
  • Rubric*
  • Numeric 
  • Star Rating
  • Letter Grade
  • Pass / Fail. 
  • Skills/Competencies - add the skills the student will acquire from completion of the assignment. 
  • Due Date - Set a due date on when the assignment must be completed by.
  • Category - Select the assignment category.
  • Publish Immediately - By default, the publish "ON" button is enabled. You have the option to control the status of the assignment on the Portfolium end.

Click on the “Go to Assignment “ button. You will be directed to EDU Platform.

Faculty Grading through Canvas

In Canvas, you will access the EDU Platform, by going to the “Course” and “Assignment” you would like to assess. 

After your students submit their assignments, you will receive an email that alerts you that their assignment is ready to be assessed. There is also a notification that is triggered within the EDU Platform.

Grading the Assignment 

You will be sent to the assignment detail page within the EDU Portal. This page shows the list of students associated with their assignments and the assignment status. Those assignments with a status of “submitted “are ready to be assessed. Click on the “Score” button.

Within the assignment page in the EDU Platform, you can view the submitted assignment in detail and provide feedback. If a rubric is used, you can assess levels of achievement.  

Viewing the grading outcomes in Canvas

Within Canvas, the feedback and scoring you provided via Portfolium are pulled directly into the gradebook.

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