By engaging in this challenge and accepting any prize awarded to you, you are affirmatively representing to Booz Allen Hamilton that you are not prohibited from accepting the prize offered to you by any laws, regulations, policies or other rules applicable to you (“Applicable Rules”), including Applicable Rules imposed upon you by any employer or by any government entity with which you are affiliated. Booz Allen reserves the right to require you to demonstrate, to Booz Allen’s satisfaction, that no Applicable Rules prohibit you from accepting any prize and to withhold any prize offered under this competition if you cannot reasonably demonstrate your eligibility in a timely fashion.

All costs, taxes and reporting, fees, and expenses associated with the prizes or the acceptance and use of the prizes not specifically addressed above are the sole responsibility of the winners. Booz Allen reserve the right to substitute any prize, or portions thereof, with a prize of comparable or greater value. If a winning participant is a U.S. citizen, the participant must also sign and return an IRS W-9 form, or if a foreign resident, an IRS W-8BEN form in order to claim the prize.

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