Set the privacy of your entries using the settings cog in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To showcase yourself and build a healthy online identity, we encourage you to keep your awesome work public! 

From there, you can set your project’s visibility settings:

  • Public - Anyone on or off Portfolium can view your project
  • Portfolium Members - only signed-in members of Portfolium can view your project
  • Connections - Only users you are connected with can view your project
  • Private - Only you can view your project

Private Share Link

If you set your privacy to “Only me” you will be provided a link after publishing.

Once you publish, click the Three Dot Menu. You will be taken back into your project.

When you click ‘gear cog,’ under private your bypass link will be present to share with those you would like to see your work.


You can also enable or disable comments on your project from this location. Selecting this feature allows Portfolium users to comment on your project.

Sensitive Assignments

On rare occasion, the contents of an assignment may be inherently sensitive and therefore inappropriate for public consumption under any circumstance. Examples include intellectual property, trade secrets, or other information explicitly marked "confidential." Research that include images or information about subjects under the age of 18 years old may also be deemed sensitive.

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