When a student has an assignment, they will find it under their Assignments tab. 

The student can select Start Assignment and begin to fulfill the assignment requirements. Once they are finished, they can click the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button. 

The professor will be able to assess the assignment from within the EDU Platform. If the student has not fulfilled the requirements of the assignment, the professor can click the Request Revisions button. 

Once clicked, the professor will be able to notify the student what revisions are needed by entering them into the text box. 

When the requested revisions are entered, the professor can submit them to the student by clicking Request. 

The student will receive an email notification and a Portfolium notification with the requested revisions. They will need to revise their project and resubmit it.  

The student will also see the requested revision on the History tab of their assignment where they will be directed from the notifications to edit and resubmit their assignment. 

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