When you’re a reviewer on an assessment team, you’ll be able to view an assessment and the collections of artifacts to be reviewed.  You can start your work from the Program Assessment zone.  This will show you a list of all the assessments that you have been assigned.

When you click into an assessment, you’ll see the list of collections associated with the assessment.  

When you click into a collection, you’ll see the reviews that are assigned or available to you:

You can begin the review process by clicking on one of the artifacts, which will launch into the scoring interface:

This shows you our rubric scoring interface, which highlights the submission contents on the left side and the rubric criterion and scoring controls on the right.  The first criteria is expanded and shows the levels of achievement for selection.  

Work your way through each of the criterion.  When you have entered all of the criterion scores, you’ll be presented with an option to submit your score.  

You’ll be presented with a request to confirm the score you’ve submitted.  

After you confirm your score, you’ll be returned to the My Reviews view on the assessment.  Here you’ll see your other pending reviews.  You can continue to work your way through the remaining reviews until all of them are completed.

Now that you have reviewed work, you can move on to reporting. Learn more HERE.

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