When you receive your email from Credly providing access to your badge, the link to add it to Portfolium will be included.

First, the you will need to click the 'Get Started' button to claim their badge within Credly.

Once the badge is claimed, you can move forward with adding the badge to your Portfolium at: https://portfolium.com/settings/import-data
First, select the provider. So in this case, Credly, and then select 'Continue'.

Next, the you will be prompted to select which badge you would like to import to your profile. First place a check mark next to the badge to import, then select 'Select 1 Badge.'

Next, a model will appear prompting import,  select 'Import Now'.

After confirming the import, you will receive a confirmation that the badge is being added to your profile. 

Once the import is complete, you will receive an email confirming completion of import, and prompting you to view the badge on your Portfolium profile.

The badge has now been added to the Badges section of your Portfolium Profile.

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