Access the LTI application configuration

The LMS Administrator will do a one time setup for Portfolium SSO application.

  1. Logged in as the LMS Admin, click on the three-lined (☰) menu, this exposes the left navigation.

2. Click on the "Site administration" menu

3. On the Site administration section, click on the "Plugins" tab and find the "External tool" > "Manage tools" link

4. ON the “Manage tools” section, click on the “configure a tool manually” link

5. The "External tool configuration" form loads. Fill in the following data:

  • Tool name: Portfolium SSO
  • Tool URL:
  • Consumer key: [Portfolium Account Manager will provide]
  • Shared secret: [Portfolium Account Manager will provide]
  • Default launch container: New Window

Click "Save Changes"

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