In order to post a video to a Portfolium project, the video needs to be hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo. Once they are uploaded, the share link can be pasted into Portfolium and it will become embedded/ playable within the project. Learn more about embedding videos here.

However, if that option doesn't work for your situation, then the video can be saved on Google Drive and the link to the video can be added to the project (be sure that the video's privacy setting is set to public). This option, however, will not let the video be embedded/playable from within Portfolium. 

You can see the different options here:
Example of a video hosted on YouTube:

Example of a video saved on Google Drive:

To share a video save on Google Drive, locate your video on Google Drive, right click on the video and select Get sharable link.

Be sure to turn Link sharing on and make sure that your link is viewable to everyone.

Once you have copied your link, go to your Portfolium project and select Paste a link and paste the video link. 

Once pasted, you can click the pencil icon and edit the name and description of the link.

Once you are finished editing your link and your whole project, you can publish your project. You will see your link in the carousel. When clicked, a new tab will open with your video in the Google Viewer.  

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