As a State Administrator, you have access to the 'Library' section of the Student Growth Portfolio.

Within the 'Library' you have two options 'Portfolio Models' and 'Collections.'

Within 'Portfolio Models' you will be able to see all models being utilized across the state.

From there, you can add a new Portfolio Model by clicking '+ New Portfolio Model'. 

You will then type in the name of the new model, select the 'Enrollment Type', and select 'Create'.

After you have credited the new model, use the 'Actions' button to update it further. 

'View all collections' 

By selecting 'View all collections' you will be taken into the collections mapped to that model. To learn more about collections, go to State Administrator: Collections

'Update portfolio model'

When you select 'Update portfolio model' you have the opportunity to update the name of the model as well as the 'Enrollment Type' associated with it.

If you make an update, be sure to click 'Update' to save the changes.

'Delete portfolio model'

If you select 'Delete portfolio model,' be sure you actually want to remove the model. You will see a warning message to confirm.

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