Within your account, you are able to personalize your settings. Do so by going to the down arrow next to 'Me' in the upper right corner.

You will see 'Settings' and 'Logout'. 'Logout' will log you out of your account. But let's explore 'Settings'.

Within your 'Settings' you can update your 'Password' and the 'Portfolio Models' you are associated with.

Update your password:

To update your password, select 'Password' on the left navigation bar. You will then see a field to enter a new password and confirm the password.

To learn best practices for setting your password refer to this guide:
Elements of a Strong Password

Update your Portfolio Models:

To update your Portfolio Models, select 'Portfolio Models' on the left navigation bar. 

You will see a list of the portfolio models you are associated with.

You can select '+ Enroll In New Portfolio' to add an additional portfolio model. you will be taken to the screen below and can select a new portfolio model from the drop down list. Once you select one, click 'Continue' to move on.

Once you have selected a model, you will be prompted to select your collections.

Or on the 'Settings' page, you can use the 'Actions' button to disassociate with the model or 'Drop portfolio model'. 

You will see a modal pop up instructing you to reach out to your district administrator to drop the model.

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