Pathways are a visual journey for students to chart their course, see the big picture objectives, and track their progress in real-time.


Let’s start by clarifying the terminology that we use within this product.

  • Requirement:  Something that is requested to show proof of competency. These are often projects, badges, or event attendance. 
  • Milestone:  A collection of Requirements, that must be completed to progress along the Pathway.
  • Badge:  A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skills or competencies
  • Pathway:  The learning path created for Students comprised of milestones and requirements

Within a Pathway, coordinators can define one or more milestones.  A milestone is a group of requirements that are to be evaluated. Badges can be awarded at any level, including completion of the Pathway

  • Artifact:  A work sample that demonstrates the competencies learned by a student
  • Coordinator:  The persons responsible for defining and facilitating a Pathway
  • Reviewer:  The persons responsible for evaluating work within a milestone or requirement.

Get started with Pathways: Learn how a coordinator creates a Pathway.

Once a Pathway is in place your reviewers can begin reviewing: Pathways Overview for Reviewers

Reporting helps bring the entire process full circle: Pathways Reporting Overview

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