EDU Platform


Coordinators of pathways can now manually invite users to their pathway. This option will display as a choice when publishing a new pathway or by visiting a pathway and selecting the "Enroll Students" option in the header.

Reviewers will now get a reminder about the pending reviews assigned to them for Pathway(s). 

You can enable Multiple Reviewers when selecting a review strategy for your Pathway during configuration.

Program Assessment

You can now export a PDF report or CSV report at the collection level, previously this was only possible at the Program level.


Your exported full profile PDF, now links the badge listed on your resume to the Badge itself.

The information displayed when sharing a badge or pathway on external social media sites is improved. You'll now see better images related to the badge, network, etc. in the sharing component.

Portfolium students will get email notifications for Pathway / Course related activities when requirements are due.

You can view a history log on pathway requirements

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