Adding a course in the course library

A faculty or an administrator creates a course in the course library and assignments under that course on EDU Platform

Logged in, go to Courses under Library and click on New Course. Enter the required course details.

Once the course is created in the library, the next step is to add assignments to that course. Click on "Create a new assignment" link on the Assignments screen

Enter the required assignment details and click on "Create Assignment"

Faculty claims the course from the course library

As a Faculty member you will be able to claim the course by clicking “Assessment Library” > "Courses". When you find your course, click the "Actions" dropdown in the right column and then click "Claim Course."

Enter the course details for your claimed course:
Select a Year, Term, Section and whether this is a Single Assessor or Multiple Assessor course.

Faculty sets up the same course and LTI assignments on 

After your LMS administrator sets up the Portfolium LTI application, You will then have access to create new assignments. 

1. Logged in, go to a course.

2. Click on the “Content” menu.

3. Add a new Assignment by clicking on the “Assessments” menu and click on the Portfolium LTI link.

The “Create Portfolium LTI” form loads, fill out the following required settings

  • Name: Name of assignment. 
  • Enable Evaluation: YES -  
  • Points Possible:  numerical value this assignment would be scored against.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Click on the assignment.

Linking the LMS Assignment to EDU Platform

When you click on an LTI assignment in the LMS, the application auto-logs you into the Portfolium  EDU Platform. If you are new to the EDU Platform, you will be taken through the on-boarding flow to establish your account. After your account is created, you will be taken to the  assignment setup page. 

Complete the EDU Platform Assignment Details

The EDU Platform requires you to enter the following fields to create your assignment.

  • Instructions - This will give the student directions for the assignment.
  • Scoring Type - Set the scoring type for this assignment, there are 5 options to chose from:

       -Star Rating
       -Letter Grade
       -Pass / Fail. 

  • Skills/Competencies - add the skills the student will acquire from completion of  the assignment. 
  • Due Date - Set a due date on when the assignment must be completed by.
  • Category - Select the assignment category.
  • Publish Immediately - By default, the publish "ON" button is enabled. You have the option to control the status of the assignment on the Portfolium end. 

Assignment in EDU Platform 

Click on the “Go to Assignment“ button. You will be directed to EDU Platform.

Administrator setups a Pathway using this newly created course and assignment

Go to Pathways under Assessment Activities and Click on New Pathway. Enter pathway details and milestone details

  1. Click on Add requirement
  2. Select Course Assignment Requirement
  3. Enter requirement title
  4. From the course template dropdown, pick this newly created course
  5. From the assignment template dropdown, pick the newly created assignment under that course
  6. Enter other required details
  7. Click on Add requirement

Click on "Add a Requirement"

Select "Course Assignment" as the requirement type

Enter the Requirement title, select a course template. All the courses from the library that have assignment(s) would be shown in the dropdown. Pick the one you want to add to the pathway as a requirement. After you select the course, select the assignment from that course. 

Enter acceptance threshold for the requirement and you can also choose a due date (optional) for that requirement

After you have entered all the details of the requirement, click on "Add Requirement" to add it to the pathway. Your newly added requirement will now be visible under the milestone.

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