Once you have watched the 'Training Video', you are able to move onto the 'Certification Exam'.

When you click into the 'Certification Exam' you will see the following screen:

  1. If you click 'View Context Narrative' you can view the context narrative for the artifact you will review for this section of the exam.
  2. If you click 'Preview' you can view the rubric or standard you will be scoring the artifact on.
  3. When you click 'Score artifacts' you will be taken into the scoring modal to complete the scoring for this portion of the exam.

Once you are within the scoring modal, you can select to 'Show performance level descriptors' which will provide details to you on what each performance level descriptor stands for as you score.

You can also select 'Show my reflection notes'. This will enable you to leave notes for yourself. Note, no one else will be able to see these notes they are simply for your reference.

Finally, you will see a range of numbers to score the artifact. Simply select a score and then click 'Submit score'. 

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