The quick invite option allows for you to invite other users to the EDU platform in just a few steps. 

To get to the quick invite window, click on the "me" avatar on the top righthand side of the page, then click on the "quick invite" option.

You would include the user type, first name, last name, and the email of the user.

The roles that can be invited into the EDU platform are:

  1. Administrator → Users with full access to the platform including but not limited to: reporting, creating and deleting library data like courses, rubrics, programs, etc.
  2. Instructional Designer → Users with access to create, update and delete core library features like courses, rubrics, programs, pathways, etc. and do not have default access to reporting.
  3. Faculty → Users who directly interact with courses, rubrics, pathways, etc and cannot delete or create new library content by default.

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