Portfolium and LinkedIn are not mutually exclusive. They work very well when used in conjunction with one another. Students and alumni use Portfolium to enhance their LinkedIn profile by embedding their actual work samples onto their profile with a single click. Less than 13% of Millennials actively use LinkedIn due to not having a robust history of professional experience. Now they can upload their academic work and achievements onto Portfolium, maintain this digital representation of their skills and competencies and use them to enhance their LinkedIn presence. A single entry in a student's Portfolium could contain multiple images, video, files, a detailed description, tagged skills and hashtags, category, sub-category, tagged teammates and more - all in one single, well-organized portfolio entry.

There is no limit to the number of entries or data. A student shouldn't put 40 projects/assignments onto their LinkedIn profile or resume. They can absolutely put all 40 on their Portfolium and it will look and function beautifully. Each piece of work can potentially be found by the right employer (depending on the user's privacy settings of course) for the right opportunity.

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