Who can see my portfolio?

The Privacy Settings (https://portfolium.com/settings/privacy) tab allows you to control who sees your portfolio. If the "Enable Privacy" button is toggled on, only people you're connected to can view your full profile. Note: Employers and non-logged in members WILL NOT be able to view your profile. Learn more here.

What if I only want specific people to be able to see my portfolio?

You can set your account to Private and only share your "Access Link" with specific people. This special access link allows anyone with it to access your profile, so only share it with people you want to be able to view your profile.

Can I turn off commenting on my work?

Yes, on the last step of the Entry Wizard you can use the toggle the switch to disable comments.

Can I make it so only my connections can see my work?

Yes, in the entry Wizard you can set the privacy of your entries using the drop down. To showcase yourself and build a healthy online identity, we encourage you to keep your awesome work public! There are 4 different visibility settings to choose from:

  • Everyone: anyone can view your entry
  • Portfolium Members: only signed-in members of Portfolium can view your entry
  • Only my connections: only users you are connected with can view your entry
  • Only Me: only you can view your entry (this settings is useful for drafts)

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