To add Credly and Badgr Badges to your profile, find the "Add Badges" tile on your Profile or go directly to the Import Data page in settings.

Choose which Badging site you would like to begin adding badges from! Though the sites are different, the process is the same for both. We will be demonstrating the Credly authorization and import process, but it can be done the same way for Badgr Badges!

Authorize access to your Credly (Badgr) account by entering in your Credly (Badgr) Email and Password. If you do not have a Credly (Badgr) account, you can create a free account at: or

Once you authorize, you be able to access your Credly (Badgr) account through Portfolium. Hit "Import Now" to begin selecting badges.

Select which badges you would like showcased on your Portfolium account and hit "SELECT # BADGES".

Now that you've selected your badges, you can Import them by hitting "IMPORT NOW"

Your badges are visible! From this area of your profile you can add more badges, attach work that enhances the badge, or edit which badges you want displayed.

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