Some of you might have signed some pretty important contracts prohibiting you from sharing your work with anyone. If you’re stressing over the secretivity of your work, fear not! You can creatively showcase your confidential work without getting yourself into any trouble.

Avoid disclosing specific information about the project and instead, share what you learned from the experience, what skills you learned along the way, and what tools you used. If you wrote a research paper, share only a snippet of the content to provide actual proof of your authorship… all without spilling the beans!

When posting to Portfolium, it is important that members keep in mind their own ethical standards along with the standards of their intended profession. HIPPA is a great example. HIPPA guidelines would prohibit a nursing student from posting about a particular patient they worked with during an internship. Any interactions or any information that is deemed private, should not be added to your Portfolium account. However, a student can instead reflect upon the skills they were able to gain or expand upon due to their interactions in their internship (without providing any identifying information about a patient). 

Here's an example of an entry that was posted on Portfolium where all identifying information was removed beforehand:

The same is true in the education sector. Student teachers should be careful not to identify their students or post images of students without signed consent from the child’s legal guardian.

While it is awesome to share your work and your experiences you must also maintain the ethical standards set forth by your intended profession or the profession you are working in.

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