1. Basic Job posting information

Add the job title and the job description. 

2. Additional information

Add some additional information for your job such as the job function, job type, industry and an image for your job. If you would like a specific image as the thumbnail, you can add it here. If no image is added, your logo will act as the thumbnail. 

3. Describe desired competencies
Competencies are the core abilities required to learn and do in the workplace. A competency refers to the level of knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes (KSAs) required for success in a particular job role or function. KSAs are also known as "learning outcomes," i.e., the results of formal and information education and lifelong learning.

4. Job Location
Enter the location of the position. If your position is remote, toggle the switch to Can Work From Anywhere.

5. Applicant Routing: 

You can have your applicants apply directly to you through Portfolium or you can send them your website and have them apply through your own ATS.

6. Invite Applicants

When you click Publish, you will be given the opportunity to preview your job.

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