Why is it called Portfolium?

Portfolium is a combination of the words "Portfolio" and "Podium", as it is meant to provide every student with the opportunity to take center-stage and showcase themself.

What Should I Put In My Portfolium?

Start with anything you're proud of. Then explore the network and find inspiration in what others are sharing. No matter what fields of study or interest, there are entries you can put into your Portfolium:

  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Research
  • Papers and Reports
  • Work Experience & Internships
  • Volunteer Work
  • Athletics
  • Labs & Experiments
  • Clubs and Extracurriculars
  • Events & Workshops

For more on what to add to your Portfolium, click here.

What should I not put in my Portfolium? 

Some of you might have signed some pretty important contracts prohibiting you from sharing your work with anyone. If you’re stressing over the secretivity of your work, fear not! You can creatively showcase your confidential work without getting yourself into any trouble.

Avoid disclosing specific information about the project and instead, share what you learned from the experience, what skills you learned along the way, and what tools you used. If you wrote a research paper, share only a snippet of the content to provide actual proof of your authorship… all without spilling the beans!

When posting to Portfolium, it is important that members keep in mind their own ethical standards along with the standards of their intended profession. HIPPA is a great example. HIPPA guidelines would prohibit a nursing student from posting about a particular patient they worked with during an internship. Any interactions or any information that is deemed private, should not be added to your Portfolium account. However, a student can instead reflect upon the skills they were able to gain or expand upon due to their interactions in their internship (without providing any identifying information about a patient). 

Here's an example of an entry that was posted on Portfolium where all identifying information was removed beforehand: https://portfolium.com/entry/psycho-ed-eval-autism

The same is true in the education sector. Student teachers should be careful not to identify their students or post images of students without signed consent from the child’s legal guardian.

While it is awesome to share your work and your experiences you must also maintain the ethical standards set forth by your intended profession or the profession you are working in.

Now That I Built My Portfolium, What Do I Do With It?

Share it! You can easily share your portfolio or specific entries from your portfolio across various social media networks or via email. You can also place a link on your resume and in your email signature to your Portfolium for more exposure. You never know who's eye it may catch. You can also now follow others and comment on their work to collaborate and form new entries with new teammates.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Portfolium?

Just to name a few: a positive online presence, an interactive, compelling portfolio of your work, a leg-up in the job hunt, and so much more.

Is This Meant To Replace A Traditional Resume?

No. Portfolium is a supplement to your resume, meant to enhance the experience of getting to know you. We typically ask potential users, does your resume and LinkedIn profile by themselves tell someone everything they need to know about you? The answer is no. Portfolium provides a deeper look at one's skills, passions, and potential.

 Who Owns The Content?

You own your content. Each entry on Portfolium has a copyright statement, protecting your work and giving you ownership. You are still responsible for maintaining the privacy and visibility settings of each entry in your portfolio (Not only do you own the content, but you also determine who can view the content).

Your Portfolium is yours! It's free and isn't going anywhere. You'll have access to your account after you graduate, when you can then post entries about your new exciting job!

I'm A High School Student, Can I Use Portfolium?

Of course! We encourage you to create a portfolio and have your friends make theirs as well. Applying to colleges is a tough and long process. Having all of your work, activities, and extracurriculars in one organized spot will help you tremendously and can even help your chances of getting into your top college choice. You can include your Portfolium with your applications!

How Secure And Private Is My Portfolium?

Every user has full control of the privacy settings for their account, including portfolio entry-specific privacy controls.

Active server monitoring, data transmitted through SSL.

I'm Not An Artist, Do I Still Need A Portfolio?

Portfolium is open to all fields of study. This makes it a special and unique network with students collaborating across various majors and disciplines. Collaboration is a powerful force in development and career placement.

Is My Portfolium Visible To The Public?

Portfolium provides its users with the ability to apply privacy settings on each of their entries in their portfolio. Each user has final say over whom is able to view their entries and can change these settings at any time.

What If The Company I Want To Work For Isn't Listed On The Job Board?

Stay calm. Your Portfolium will help you land your dream job at any company. Whether you are speaking with a recruiter or a hiring manager at the company, show them your Portfolium. Include your custom url on your resume and on your application to give them a deeper look at who you are and what you bring to the table. They will be impressed!

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