Begin by thinking about the various categories of your entire academic and professional life that you might include:

  • Work – Professional
  • Education and Training
  • Activities and Volunteer Work
  • Personal – Interests (if appropriate)

Then brainstorm what types of things you might be able to pull together for each category:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT need every last item on this list. This is a list to get you thinking about all of the options you may be overlooking that you may already have and could include.


  • Professional
  • Resume
  • Thank you notes, letters of recommendation
  • List of professional references
  • Personality type assessments and/or Strengths Finder assessments
  • Past reviews
  • Work samples from current and previous jobs (non-proprietary)
  • Class projects and educational development
  • Processes or procedures created
  • Sample forms or templates created
  • Evidence of specific soft skills (writing, leadership, communication, conflict resolution)
  • Evidence of specific technical skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, website development, databases, event planning)

Education and Training:

  • Training you’ve attended
  • Course descriptions of training completed next to the certificates of completion
  • Workshops, seminars, conferences attended
  • Degrees
  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Awards you’ve received
  • Academic honors
  • Internships
  • Transcripts

Activities and Volunteer Work:

  • Non-profit / Charity work (personal or corporate sponsored)
  • Volunteer workPhotos from events you coordinated
  • Leadership office held in professional/community organizations or on related boards
  • Community service project participation
  • Proof of professional affiliations and leadership roles held

Personal – Interests (if appropriate):

  • Special training or independent (self taught) learning
  • Learning a new skill 
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Writing skills  
  • Personal or professional mission statement
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Flyers or newsletters you’ve designed or written articles for
  • Research Projects
  • Travel or Vacation Planning Projects
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