Did you know that the average age of a LinkedIn user is 46 years old? Needless to say, LinkedIn allows for an extensive resume of professional history. Unfortunately, students with limited work history have a difficult time compiling a LinkedIn profile that allows them to truly distinguish themselves.

 Portfolium is used in conjunction with LinkedIn; it gives students and recent grads the opportunity to showcase their experiences using multi-media content. This content can then be embedded directly onto their LinkedIn profiles, thereby enhancing their presence on the professional networking platform.

After clicking on the thumbnail on a profile, you can click the "View" button and view the project on Portfolium.

How to:
To embed your Portfolium URL right onto your LinkedIn, simply enter the URL to your Portfolium profile into the Summary section of your LinkedIn or any experience on your profile.

To add or edit a project, click on the pencil icon located in the upper righthand corner.

Add the link to your project after clicking the "Link" button and then click "Add". 

Once you have clicked this, a popup window will appear, allowing you to edit the title and description of the project you attached to your profile.

After entering in the title and description that you want, click on the "Apply" button to save these changes. This information will now show when you click on the projects attached to your profile. 

That project will now be embedded into your LinkedIn profile, alongside the work experience you have attached it to!

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