There are several ways to message Portfolium users using TalentMatch. After clicking to see matching candidates from the dashboard or running a search, you will be presented with search results and the opportunity to message users in the following ways:

Send one (1) message to one (1) user - Click the message icon next to the user's info in a set of search results

Invite a user to apply to one of your jobs or internships  - Click the + icon, and then click "Invite to Apply"

Invite a user to follow your company - Click the + icon, and then click "Invite to Follow Company"

To see who has followed your company, go to the dashboard or run an advanced search to find your company's followers.

Send one message to several users (up to 25 at a time) - Click the check box near the CLEAR FILTERS link to select all users on a single screen of search results, and then click the + icon or messaging icon in the far right corner:

In addition to using the above types of messaging, you may also request work samples from users.

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