It’s definitely a smart idea to have companies you’d like to work for one day on your radar. But it’s even better to put yourself on the company’s radar!

This is super easy to do! Following a company on Portfolium is a “two-way street”, meaning when you click “FOLLOW” on a company's profile, you aren’t just being notified when new opportunities are posted... they’re being notified when you add new work to your portfolio!

Following a company places you in the company’s “talent pool”, where your portfolio will be featured to the very managers making hiring decisions!

To view companies on Portfolium, click on "Companies" or visit

When you find a Company that interests you, Follow them!
When you follow a company, you will be notified whenever they post a new job AND you will be added to their talent pool.

You can click the View All button to see all of their job postings and then use the filter option on the left to find the one that works for you. 

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