Some university students can create and access their account using their school ID or Shibboleth single sign-on. 

If your school has a partnered join page, you may be able to start your Portfolium by simply entering your school email address. Portfolium will access your school's database to create your account.

Go to and insert your school email address.

If you have an account in the system, you will have the option to sign in to your account using the Single sign-on or you can have an activation email sent to your email.

If you have already started your account, you can login to your account with your school SSO credentials or the password you created during onboarding.

- You can login using the password you made during onboarding.

  • Or you can use your school Single Sign-on credentials.

You will be directed to your university's Single Sign-on page. After signing in, you will be directed back into your account.

If your university has partnered with Portfolium, you will benefit from receiving a verified account. This simply means that employers/other users will know for certain that your student or alumni status from "X" university is authentic.

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