The average age of a LinkedIn user is 40+ years, allowing for an extensive resume of work history. Unfortunately, students with limited work history have a difficult time compiling a LinkedIn profile that truly distinguishes themselves. Portfolium is used in conjunction with LinkedIn, as it allows students and recent grads to showcase their experiences with multi-media content and then embed and share these entries onto their LinkedIn profile, enhancing their presence on the professional networking platform.

Portfolium has been referred to by many as an "app to enhance your LinkedIn profile".

Here's a typical use-case scenario:

A student completes a landscape architecture group project at their university. The student creates a Portfolium entry documenting this experience. This single, well-organized entry contains photos of the project at various stages of completion. It also contains a video of the team giving their final presentation, along with an embedded 3D CAD model, the powerpoint presentation that was presented, and a detailed description of the project, including the skills acquired and software used. The team members are tagged and #keywords are given to make the entry more discoverable. The students’ professor, fellow classmates, and potential employers are able to engage with the entry with features such as commenting, liking and sharing. The student can even submit this entry directly to employers for review during an application process. University administrators are able to embed this entry directly onto the university’s Landscape Architecture website and the team members are able to embed this entry directly onto their LinkedIn profiles.

Here's how to embed your Portfolium entries onto LinkedIn:

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