Due to LinkedIn's new API restrictions, LinkedIn only allows certain partners to pull in profile information. Therefore, we can no longer refresh LinkedIn data in your profile. Here's an article that explains more.

However, there is a workaround that will allow you to sync your LinkedIn Profile information with your Portfolium profile.

Step 1.

Go to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 2.

Export your profile as a PDF.

Step 3.

Upload that PDF as your resume on Portfolium (on the left side of your profile).

Click here to learn how to upload a resume

Portfolium will then save the information that was uploaded into your profile (this can take up to 10 mins) and save you time entering information!

Additionally, you can link your account in your Account Settings, allowing you to sign in using your LinkedIn account and you can add the LinkedIn icon/link to your profile in Profile Settings.

Learn how to Embed Your Portfolium Profile Into Your LinkedIn Profile.

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