3 Ways to Include Samples of Your Work When You Don’t Have Any Saved:

  1. Recreate it. You don’t have to have access to old work samples when you can create some new work samples on your computer. It may take a little time, but if you really want to demonstrate a specific skill, recreate that form, template, or document you wanted to showcase.
  2. Professional association committee work. Consider getting involved in a professional association and join a committee. Many skills can be showcased from event planning, project plans, documentation of procedures, monthly meeting coordination, leadership development training, and more!So if you no longer have access to work samples from your past job, getting actively involved in a professional association will not only help you generate some work samples you can include, but it will help you strengthen your networking skills and help you potentially find new career opportunities as well.
  3. Volunteer. I’d strongly encourage you to consider volunteer administrative work for a local charity or hospital and generate some new samples that way.

Your portfolio will NEVER be complete. This is a dynamic piece that you will continually update. Every time you use it, you’ll add new elements, re-order existing elements, and remove elements that aren’t specifically supporting your purpose for using this key career tool.

The key to creating your professional portfolio is to focus on what you DO HAVE, not what you don’t have. The fact that you have anything assembled in such an organized and professional way will impress a potential employer. Your professional portfolio becomes a powerful “sample of your work” in itself. It’s NEVER too late to create your professional portfolio. All that matters is you get one started – TODAY!

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