PMail (or, "Portfolium Mail") is a credit-based system that allows a verified employer or recruiter to send a digital message directly to a Portfolium user, e.g., a student or recent graduate. An employer does not have to be connected to a student in order to send a PMail.

Employers use PMail to communicate directly with users with whom they have an interest in networking, inviting to apply to a job, inviting to "follow their company," or otherwise engage with the intent of assessing the fit of the user for one or more job or internship opportunities.

When an employer sends a PMail to a Portfolium user, the PMail message is sent to both the user's Portfolium inbox, and to the primary email address that the user has on file with Portfolium.

Every TalentMatch license comes with a certain number of PMail credits. To learn how to keep track of your credits, see this article:

Some messages sent via TalentMatch are free, and do not require the use of PMail credits. Those messages include:

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