The Privacy Settings tab allows you to:

Control who sees your portfolio

If the "Enable privacy" button is toggled on, only people you're connected to can view your full profile.

Note: Employers and non-logged in members WILL NOT be able to view your profile.

Retrieve your "Access Link"

If you choose to Enable privacy on your account, we will provide you with an "access link." Share this link with specific employers, professors, or any other individuals you would like to show your work to!

Deactivate Your Account

To delete or disable your account, click on the "Disable Account" button

Please choose a reason for disabling your account. This helps us continue to build the best possible product.

To delete your account, click on the "permanently deleted" part of the sentence "You can request to have your account permanently deleted."

Remember, once you permanently delete your account, you will not be able to come back to it.

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