Showcase your work! To add a project to your portfolio, click the "ADD PROJECT" button located in the header bar to enter the Project Editor.

Give your Project a title

To begin, add a project title that clearly describes your project. 

Good titles include the topic and the format. 

Examples of good titles:

  • Reflection on my first semester
  • My capstone engineering presentation
  • Lessons learned in my marketing internship
  • Highlights from my community service project

Get inspired by some awesome projects


Prove your work by attaching any relevant materials! After you have your project titled, you can showcase pictures, artifacts and work samples by attaching them here. Include images, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or PDF files in your project and import them from services like Google Drive, or add a link to any website. Learn more about attachments

Link Attachments

You can add any URL as an attachment on your project.

By adding a URL, you can import data from any website.

  • Start by adding the webpage URL
  • We'll import the information from the webpage
  • You'll see a preview and can edit it

It will look like this once the URL has been uploaded properly.

Link Examples:


Learn more about adding embedding links.

Categorize Your Project

Choose a category - The category is the field of study that your entry is related to. This allows it to be categorized in the entry feed and help employers, instructors, and peers find your awesome work. Select an option from the dropdown or start typing to find a subcategory. Explore the Discover page to see how project categories are used or learn more about Categories.

Describe Your Project

Tell the world about the experience you gained working on this project. A good description can help your work stand out. This is where you explain what your project is all about. Tip: be sure to include information about the actual project/experience/event as well as a summary of what you learned throughout the process. Employers often look for candidates with the ability to analyze!

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What inspired you?
  • What did you learn?
  • Did you encounter any challenges?
  • What were the results?

To add a link to the description of your entry, you can either use the Insert link into description option or simply insert a URL into the description box and it will become linked once published. Learn more about adding links to your description

Add Skills To Your Project

Help employers find your work by adding all of the skills that you have demonstrated in your project.

Great projects have 5 or more skills. Use the recommended skills for inspiration or search for other skills to add. Learn more about skills

Include Your Teammates

Did you work on this project with other teammates? Everyone loves a team player--acknowledge the people that you worked with! Add your teammates to this project to highlight your collaboration. 

Simply start typing a teammate's name or select one or more of the teammates from the suggestions. Learn more about tagging teammates

Label Your Project With Tags

Tags are a great way to associate your project with topics on Portfolium. For example, a project might belong to the Marketing Category, and the topics could be #SocialMedia or #SEO. Learn more about Hashtags

Congrats! Just like that, you've created an awesome project. As soon as you hit, "Publish," you'll be directed to your published Project. If you wish to share your work, simply click on the icons of the platforms you wish to share to. This is a quick and easy way to help your awesome work gain more exposure!

Additional Information


Set the privacy of your entries using the settings cog in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To showcase yourself and build a healthy online identity, we encourage you to keep your awesome work public! 

From there, you can set your project’s visibility settings:

  • Public - Anyone on or off Portfolium can view your project
  • Portfolium Members - only signed-in members of Portfolium can view your project
  • Connections - Only users you are connected with can view your project
  • Private - Only you can view your project

You can also enable or disable comments on your project from this location. Selecting this feature allows Portfolium users to comment on your project.

Project Strength

This indicator tells you how strong of a project you’ve created. If you’re not satisfied with its ranking, add some more information to your project. Additional attachments, a longer description, and more tags will help your project become stronger and better represent your achievement. Learn more about Project Strength

Project Preview, Finish Later, and Publish

We added a new Preview feature that will allow your to see how your project will be presented. This will help you fine-tune your project before it is published for all the world to see. You can also opt to Finish Later, and your project will be saved as-is until you’re ready to continue. Lastly, if you feel you’re ready, the Publish button will finalize your project and publish it to the Portfolium website. Learn more about Project Drafts

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