Given the current power of social media, several people understand and use the privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, etc. (at least we hope so!), but being a "nobody" online isn't necessarily a good thing either. Why not build a positive online identity? 

Take advantage of the power of social media channels and promote all of your accomplishments and your professional persona!

To do so, click into the entry you'd like to show off to the world. Next, click on the share link located in the top right corner of the project viewer. A pop up window will appear with social networks you can share to. If you haven't already done so, go to your Profile Settings and authorize Portfolium to access these channels.

From here, you can select the social network you'd like to share to. A pop up window will appear and you will be able to share your project!

You can also share your projects within the Project Builder! To do so, click the Add Project button in the top right corner of the page. 

From here, fill out the project info to your liking. 

Next, when you've completed building your project, press the publish button on the bottom of the builder OR the top right corner of the builder. 

Lastly, a Ready to Publish pop up will appear. From here, you can select any Social Network you'd like to share your project on!

When a network is selected,  a pop up will appear to sign you in if you have not signed in to the Social Network yet. 

Once you're signed in and you've selected the network to share on, you're on your way to showcasing your projects to the world! 

Here is what your shared work will look like: 





How to clear the Facebook share cache or update a Twitter Card

Trying to share an entry and realised there is no picture being pulled through as one has been added after publication? Or perhaps the title has changed and the Facebook preview shows an earlier version.

If you don’t clear the cache, the title / photo / lack of image at the time of publish will continue to travel on social.

Quick links: Facebook Debugger and Twitter Validator

These cache-clearing tools are useful when:

  • You’ve corrected an error or changed an article headline
  • An image is added to a story after it is published


From the Facebook post, select the dropdown and select Refresh share attachment.

Or use the Facebook Debugger. (You’ll need a Facebook account.)

Add the entry url and hit ‘debug’.

Hit ‘Scrape Again’

Check the correct image / headline shows in the bottom section. You have now cleared the cache.


Use the Twitter Validator. (You’ll need a Twitter account.)

Enter the entry url.

You will see the Twitter Card. You have now cleared the cache.

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