Access the Assessment on the EDU Portal here and set Permissions.

Administrators can set site permissions for Faculty. Here you can allow them to create rubrics and learning outcomes or simply access the assessment. 

Adding Courses:

Portfolium can upload your entire course catalog or you can add courses individually. 

Add New Learning Outcomes: 

Portfolium allows for you to create course, program and institutional level learning outcomes. When you add an outcome, you can specify a description and Department (if the outcome is only meant for one Department). These outcomes are then used to create rubrics.

Add new Rubric

Add the Title, Description and Department then click the Next Step button. If the rubric is not created for a specific Department, you can select 'All: Institutional Rubric' allowing anyone to utilize the rubric in their courses.

Continue to add Rubric Criteria, Learning Outcomes and Levels of Achievement

Learn more about Building an Awesome Rubric.

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