Claiming and Adding Courses

After your administrator uploads the Course Catalog, you (as Faculty) will be able to claim your course by clicking “Assessment Library” > "Courses". When you find your course, click the "Actions" dropdown in the right column and then click "Claim Course."

Enter the meta data for your course:
Select a Year, Term, Section and whether this is a Single Assessor or Multiple Assessor course. 

If you do not see your course listed, you can add it by clicking “+ New Course” and enter in all course details on the following page. 

Adding Assignments

Start adding in your assignments now. You can add them all at once or you can come back and add more later. Assignments can be edited but you can not change the scoring type once the assignment is published. 

Continue to fill out the assignment details

When you are finished adding the assignment details, click the "Create Assignment" button. 

*Skills/Competencies - adding skills and competencies will help your students display meaningful learning outcomes and help bridge the skills gap when showcasing their work to employers.

Publish Your Assignments

Once your first assignment is created, you are presented with an assignment dashboard. Here you can add more assignments, publish them all, or publish one at a time.

Inviting Students

Now you can invite students to enroll in your course by clicking the “Invite Students” button which will generate a secure invitation link. 

When there are no invited students: 

When there are students: 

This link can be sent via email, text or added onto a syllabus: 

Whomever clicks this link will be automatically enrolled in the course and all assignments will be pre-populated into their Portfolio.

Reviewing Completed Assignments

Once the student submits an assignment, Faculty are notified in the “My Courses” > "Gradebook" section of the EDU Portal. 

Reviewing Completed Assignments with Rubric

The split-screen view allows for quick and easy review of the student’s work using the custom rubric provided by the administrator. 

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