The answer to this is simple:

Less is more.

Portfolium is meant to be a place to showcase your best work. Entries are meant to be a representation of a project, skill or experience. The artifacts within each entry are meant to help tell that story visually and efficiently. We believe that any story should be able to be told with a limited number of artifacts. The limit per entry is 5 images, 5 attached files (Doc, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel), 1 of each embeddable media types (Youtube, Prezi, Sway, ScetchFab, SoundCloud).

After tons of testing and surveying recruiting experts in all fields, we concluded that a limit is optimal for quick scouting, sourcing and keeping employers engaged.

More proof:
Instagram did an amazing thing by making users tell their story one photo at a time. In contrast, as soon as Facebook expanded their photo album limit, they became more of a photo storage than a showcase. Instagram became highly successful with user engagement because of how easy they made it to navigate from one story to the next. Along these lines, we believe that it's better to create more entries and break them out into different themes, then to lump everything into one collectio

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