The Preview pane is located on the left side of your profile. This section shows a preview of your Education, Skills, and Experience.

Edit Profile

The Profile section is where you can add and edit your basic profile information, such as your Introduction, Education, and Experiences.

To edit this section, make sure that you are logged in. You can pick and choose which modules to add into your profile by selecting from the options.

Note: your "Introduction" will be pre-populated based on the information you provided during the on-boarding process. In order to fully showcase your story, we encourage you to personalize it!

When you click on the Add or Edit option, the panel will slide out from the left. This is where you can edit the information. Fill in the form and Save Changes.

Attaching Work Samples to your Experience

You will now be directed to the Work Samples section. Here you can: 1. Search for entries within your portfolio to attach to this new record, 2. Add a new work sample or 3. Select a work sample to attach from your top work samples shown.

Edit or Delete a section or Attach Work Sample to an existing section

To edit a section or attach work samples, click the 3 dots next to the section and select edit or attach. Make your edits and hit Save. You can also select Delete which will delete the entire section. (This will not delete the entries out of your portfolio.)

Move or rearrange a section

To change the order of the sections, click either the up ↑ or down ↓ arrow to move the section either up or down your profile.

Note: Experiences within each section are ordered in reverse chronological order.

Collapse or Expand a section

To make it easier to rearrange your profile, you are able to collapse the section. To do this, simply click on the header of the section.

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